aviso legal y política de privacidad

We work very closely and in association with our creative content providers (artists and labels). They’re the foundation on which we sustain our global distribution service.


We are an international marketing and promotional support network for small and large cultural production projects. These projects bring cultural diversity to the Earth.

Our goal is to bring the thousands of different and unique creative propositions generated each day on the planet to the attention of the public and provide access to them.


Our overall activity and social relationships at all levels are based on non-exploitation, this includes workers and resources of all types, whether they be suppliers, clients or members. We promote business relationships based on fairness, solidarity and sustainability.


We understand that our relationships must be based on common sense, respect, empathy, cordiality, friendliness, service, commitment, humility, and adaptation to the environment. In a dynamic and changing world, we are a team united in pursuit of these goals, with a highly flexible organization for those of us working in it, in which freedom and responsibility are the axes of our operations. We try to make our salaries equitable and fair.


The worldwide sales platforms are the infrastructure on which we deploy our services to artists and labels. We extend an invitation to and welcome any new digital store, and we guarantee that it will receive our services on an equal basis.


Knowledge is a fundamental area of Creanauta. We receive ongoing training, learn something new every day, and try to transfer this knowledge to our members and partners.


We have a very strict policy in our financial culture, we work with our own resources, avoiding the use of any type of speculative financial product.

Finances are one of the main axes of our personality. We act with transparency, avoiding unnecessary risks, and under very clear criteria of sustainable economy.

We are responsible with our financial commitments.


Creanauta is an advanced technology company. We develop our own management IT systems to achieve maximum effectiveness and performance in any task we decide to take on. Due to our global presence and our work with artists, employees, clients, and suppliers united in a network and collaborating in joint projects, we have to develop systems that improve quality of life, productivity, and efficiency in the organization.


Idealism has its own space in the way we think at Creanauta. Achieving the ideal through imagination and creativity is part of our day-to-day work. We need to experiment and achieve new social and artistic challenges. That’s why we consider this value to be a fundamental part in the continuous development of our projects.


Our management model is based on cooperation between all the agents that participate in Creanauta’s activities. We understand that cooperation is a tremendous force for achieving excellence, while competition generates exploitation and this is foreign to our principles. In our environment, we don’t compete with other companies; we have our own philosophy and path, and we respect the paths others take. Our action is independent.


We work in all the markets and countries of the world. We work with cultural manifestations in a great diversity of languages, all of which are singular and unique in and of themselves. Our organization is multicultural and respects, cares about, and admires all cultural manifestations and languages.


We want to reach the ideal of excellence through processes of continuous quality, financial profitability, thrift, and resource optimization. We show our activity with transparency, clarity, and simplicity.


We understand that sustainability is an essential point for the survival of humanity and of nature. We try to make our ecological footprint as small as possible.