aviso legal y política de privacidad

For bank transfers, the fee is €0.25, and for payments through PayPal, a fee of €0.35 will be applied in addition to a commission of 3.4%.

Are taxes withheld from charges or payments between countries?
Depending on where you reside, the law requires us to withhold taxes on your income.
If you are a resident of Spain, we will apply the established withholding amount in accordance with the legislation in force.
For non-Spanish residents, we are governed by the double taxation conventions in force between the different countries in the world. These exist to avoid you from having to pay twice for the same income.
If your country does not have a double taxation agreement, we will apply the withholding established according to the legislation in force.
To establish this in each case, we will use the information you entered when filling out the account registration for CREANAUTA. We will use this information to establish the possible withholding rates in the legislation in force. We assume, therefore, that you are truthful and responsible when filling out these fields.
If you have a particular tax regime, send the pertinent documentation to hola@creanauta.com