General conditions

Dead easy.

Go to the LOG IN in the menu and select CREATE ACCOUNT.

Fill the form so we can get to know you better and assess if we can work with your content and help you grow.

You will receive a reply within 48 hours.

If yes, you will receive an access link to our back-office so you can complete your profile and access your digital store to upload your music.

 You must accept before the distribution conditions (we recommend that you read the distribution contract carefully).

If you have any doubts or problems, please write to hola@creanauta.com.

Our distribution service works successfully with thousands of artists, producers and small labels.

We offer you a top quality customer service, so we will always respond within 48 working hours of receiving your query.

If within a month you are not satisfied with our services, we will cancel the distribution contract you accepted when you registered in our system and remove your music from all digital stores at no cost to you. Dead simple, right?

Part of the service we offer you is done online from the metadata and files received when you create a product, but there is another large part of the service that involves human work.

These are some of the tasks we need to do to get your music to its destination successfully:

  • Check that all your files have the required quality and that your metadata are correct and comply with the regulations required by the platforms for marketing your content.
  • Review and track the appearance of your products in digital stores.
  • Issue invoices and documents about your account.
  • Check that your data for the deposit of your payments are correct.
  • Store and maintain digitally on secure servers your masters and metadata, ready for when you need them.
  • Manage claims with the different services when they do not ingest your content correctly.
  • Develop, maintain and update the technology necessary for everything to run smoothly.
  • Negotiate with each of the platforms we work with and expand our distribution coverage, adding agreements with relevant services on all continents so that your catalogue is also available.
  • Analyse, filter and organise all the data generated daily.
  • Write tutorials and guides to help you promote your music.
  • Respond to your requests, requirements or queries and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Our advice is for each album or song to be available in a single distribution service. That way you avoid duplication and problems with your content reports. If your music is sent by several distributors, the digital platform will not know who to inform about sales and may block your product and the report on the performance data of your work.

Digital distribution

This process is done from your control panel once you have registered, your account has been validated and you have access. You only have to go to the menu and select: CREATE PRODUCT and follow the system instructions. It is very simple and intuitive and the file upload is very fast.

You only need to have your audio and image files at hand with the required technical specifications and select them or drag them to your panel from your device.

We recommend that you check your internet connection and have a browser updated with the latest version.

Your music will be available in more than 100 digital services and stores around the world, including: Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon, Amazon Unlimited, Youtube Music, Shazam, Spafax, 7 Digital, Beatport, Claro Música, Qobuz, Facebook, Saavn, IMúsica, Pandora, I Heart radio, Sirius, Rhapsody/Napster, Anghami, Onmobile/Genexies, Alibaba, Audible Magic, QQ Music, VK UMA, Kanjian, KKBOX, Tesla, Touch Tunes and many more.

Our Digital Operations Department regularly reaches agreements that allow us to add new distribution services that emerge in other territories. So your work is always updated and distributed worldwide.

We work hard on innovation and the development of new business models and new digital products together with our Partners.

We send your content to all services by default, but if you would prefer us only to send it to streaming or download services, you only have to ask. Likewise, if you want your content to be available or otherwise in a specific service, you just have to let us know by leaving a message with your product when you approve it. In this way, the Label Manager who reviews it will tell the distribution team to enable or disable these services.

You can report any technical incident you detect in our system through our email hola@creanauta.com

You can check the status of our system (Altafonte Back Office) in real time here:


If it is a query related to a metadata field of a specific product, you can use the internal messaging system built into each product.

We undertake to answer all your queries within 48 hours maximum. Yes, we know we have said it more than once, but we believe it is an important detail.

Of course you can. After all, they are yours.

Your files and metadata are safely stored on our servers. If you need them, just go to the Original Files tab of your product and you will find the items to download the metadata, the masters or the complete product.

If you need to modify a metadata field of an already released product, just edit it and approve it again. We will send it to distribution and launch an update.

Your music will be available on more than 100 broadcasting and sales platforms within 21 days of our sending the content.

Some services will release it in 24 hours, others in 72 hours, others need a week and the smallest will take the full 21 days. Unfortunately, it does not depend on us, but on the processes of each of these services.

What we do assure you is that in 21 days there will be no part of the world where your music cannot be heard, as long as that part of the world has an internet connection, of course.

Our recommendation is that you plan your releases with plenty of time and have your product ready in the system at least two weeks before the launch date indicated on the product. Without haste things always run much more smoothly.

Codes and Metadata

The European Article Number (EAN) is the code needed to market your product. The digital equivalent of the barcode of a physical product. A series of thirteen digits that allows your work to be identified all over the world.

If you don’t have it, Creanauta will assign you one of its own that you will be able to use exclusively with our service.

The Universal Product Code (UPC) is the American version of the EAN.

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is an international code that identifies each of the songs in your album or single, as if it were your ID.

Once assigned to a song, you must use it whenever you publish that same song, for example, if it is published as a single and is later part of an album or EP.

If you don’t have ISRC’s for your songs, Creanauta will assign you a code for each one.

We call all the information that identifies your work correctly metadata: name of artist, song titles and the various credits that identify all those who have collaborated in your project (artistic producer, mixer, mastering technician, narrator, DJ, etc.), as well as those that can generate rights (composers, lyricists and performers).

Filling in all metadata fields properly when you edit your product will make it easier to identify it on the broadcast and sales platforms, speed up release, and help digital services pay rights management agencies correctly.


  • Square .jpg format image (1400 x 1400, although we recommend 2400 x 2400, RGB colour mode and at least 300 DPI)


· Format: WAV or FLAC

· Quality: 44100Hz 12-bit, 48000Hz 24-bit, 64000Hz 24-bit, 88200Hz 24-bit or 96000Hz 24-bit

· Minimum duration of 30 seconds.


A Digital Booklet is the digital libretto equivalent to the one that comes with a CD. Only for iTunes.

It can include lyrics, technical specifications, photos, acknowledgements, etc. Cool, isn’t it?

The technical specifications are:

· Pdf format.

· No. of pages: minimum 4

· File size: must not exceed 10 MB

· Colour Channel: RGB

· Landscape presentation.

· Resolution: 11 x 8.264 inches

· All fonts must be embedded in the document.

· There can be no external link in the document, except to the artist’s website.

Rights and Finances

To sum up, we can say there are three types of rights in music:

Copyright for composers, lyricists, arrangers, etc.

Performers’ Rights, for musicians who perform and play in the recordings containing the music.

Phonographic Producers’ Rights (recordings), for the owners of the recordings containing the music.

The intellectual property laws that regulate these rights are not the same in all countries. In addition, each of these three rights is managed through collective management bodies in each country.

At CREANAUTA we only manage the Public Communication rights of phonographic producers.

In musical products, C refers to Copyright, and P refers to the ownership of the recording, but this can vary because the photos, texts or design also have a right and the meaning of these initials can be different in each product or even in each country.

To sell your music through our service you must be the rightful owner of the recordings you market.

The Copyright that must be paid for the use of a work in a recording is called Mechanical Reproduction Rights, and the responsibility for doing so varies from country to country.

In Europe, digital stores and platforms are responsible for paying it. In the United States and many Latin American countries, the responsibility lies with the producer and owner of the recording. In Asia, the producer is also responsible for these payments.

At Creanauta we pay your sales in Europe with the Mechanical Reproduction Rights already deducted. In countries where it is not the obligation of the digital stores to make this payment, the stores pay us and we pay you. In no case do we manage this income or deduct the money that we are paid for this right.

You must be the owner of the recording or have the legitimate rights to market it. Likewise, you must have the legitimate rights to market the photos, designs and texts that you upload to Creanauta.

If you make a version of a song different from the original, you must first ask permission from the author or the publisher that manages its copyright.

Some Internet services and radios pay for the use of works through record producer management agencies. Payment is not made directly to Creanauta, although we are the ones who send your content to these digital radio services. This is what is known as Producer Rights (also called Related Rights/Neighboring rights) and is paid through management agencies such as Agedi (Spain), PPL (United Kingdom) or SoundExchange (USA) with which we are associated.

Our system sends the metadata of your work and your administrative information to these agencies in the different territories and manages the uses and rights of your recordings. The money generated by your content through your producer rights will be deposited in your finance panel, where you can see it displayed using the filters by services available to you.

To distribute your music on Creanauta is not necessary.

If you are the author of the works you market with us, we recommend you to join your country’s authors’ management agency. They will be responsible for paying you as an author for the use of your music at a worldwide level.

There are also other copyright management options. It’s a personal choice, so you decide.

The performance and income of your music from streaming, downloading, cloud or advertising services will appear in detail in your Finance Panel every month. You can see which songs earn you the most income, in which services they have been consumed, when, in which countries, etc.

When your income reaches the amount of €75 you will see a button to request payment in your Finance Panel. You can decide whether you want to collect it or save it for later. The system will generate an invoice with the details of your user profile and the method of payment you have specified: bank transfer or PayPal account. We will pay you 80% of all the income generated by your music from streaming, downloading, cloud or advertising services.