About Us


is a global company that operates in all the world's markets offering music services

We do this for a very simple reason:
We are passionate about music

We firmly believe that discovering new music is one of the best things in the world

So our main goal is to help hundreds of labels and artists like you


By helping you grow

By supporting you

By advising you on the digital music business

And most importantly:

By ensuring your creations reach every part of the world

We are a sustainable, transparent company committed to music and artists

We believe there is another way of doing things and that's how we do them.

It can be an exciting journey.
We look forward to accompanying you.

We have been working since 1993 in the music distribution and production, in the publishing sector and in the staging and organisation of major musical events. So with several decades’ experience, if there’s one thing we know, it’s how the music industry works.  Some of us are amateur musicians. Others are systems engineers. But we all have one thing in common: we are unconditional music fans. 

We are enthusiastic and committed, we promote a fair and supportive social relationship. In addition, we aspire to achieve excellence through processes of continuous quality, economic profitability, savings and resource optimisation. We work to reduce our global environmental footprint as much as possible and carry out our activity under sustainable economy criteria and a cooperation-based management model. And then, of course, there is creativity; a basic value in the implementation of all our projects and something we consider essential to achieve new artistic and social challenges. 

All the aforementioned points are very important to us. They are the criteria that define our philosophy, a philosophy under which we build channels for you, our content providers (artists and labels), making Creanauta a really special place.