Music distribution made simple

1 Upload your music to your control panel
2 Creanauta distributes it on platforms all over the world
3 Receive the income generated by your music in a unified way

Your registration includes:

  • Digital distribution of musical content.
  • Analytics and finance.
  • Monthly reports.
  • Management of related rights.
  • EAN code.
  • ISRC codes.
  • Multi-Channel Network de Altafonte.
  • Monetisation on Youtube/Facebook.
  • Personalised assistance and advice.

We work for music in general and your music in particular.

Musical distribution and public communication. We also collect your Neighboring Rights

At Creanauta we manage your public communication rights and we collect any income that your music may generate when it is played on the radio, TV, in bars, restaurants, etc. In this way, we handle all the formalities and you devote your time to what really matters: your music.

Data, analysis, statistics and those things that are so important and now also so easy

We have designed a software for you to easily access all the relevant information about the uses and behaviour of your music in the world. Access all the relevant information about your music, your audience, your statistics and your income from your mobile, wherever and whenever you want. Simple.

Advice: something very important and which we are also very good at

We offer you personalised professional advice. We help you understand how the digital music business works and what is best for your career. We take your music very seriously because we know how important it is to you.